Dev Update #2

Animation Pipeline

Another big change was the animation pipeline. After some consideration and testing, I invested in Akeytsu Indie as the main animation program going forward, and so far it is great. The .fbx-files can effortlessly be imported into Godot with all animations in place.

Water shader

I also updated the water shader (again). I like the change of color, depending on the angle, as well as the waves with the white tops in the distance. But close up I think I have to change it a little bit in the future.


The Harbor will be another area in the game, It is the gate into the city and a place of commerce and trade. Here you can see the general feel of it, even though you can consider it more a “concept environment scene” and it will change:

The next few weeks

In the coming weeks, I want to add and also flesh out puzzles. Depending on how that is going, I try to also implement another area, probably the city.



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