For Dev Update #5 the focus was on optimization, a new area, the water shader, and some minor (but nonetheless important) improvements.


So there was quite some stuff going on under the hood this time around. Even though the game should not be too taxing anyway, now stuff only gets drawn, whenever it can be visible to the player. Everything else will not be drawn, which results in a much better performance.
Also, there were lots and lots of code optimization, which should help going forward.


This area will be another one you will visit in your adventures. The quiet…

For this Dev Update #4, I wanted to talk a little about the input methods I implemented, how interactions work in the game, and introduce one more area to you.


For Timeless Adventure I plan to support a wide array of input methods. The primary input method will be the keyboard. Even though it is a Point&Click-like adventure game, I want the player to slip into the role of the protagonist. So you will control the protagonist directly like for example in Grim Fandango, rather than indirectly via mouse-clicks like in Monkey Island for example. Due to that, input via…

My focus was still on implementing and coming up with more Puzzles. The negative part about this is, that there is not much to show you. The positive part is, that the puzzles are the meat and bones of the game, and I better put some work into them.

Different Actions

I also implemented a few more actions.
So far the available actions are:

  • Possess characters and animals
  • interact with the world
  • pick up, place, and craft items
  • combine items in your inventory
  • use items in your inventory
  • examine items in your inventory
  • take items from containers


Another area in the game…

This is the Dev Update #2 for Timeless Adventure: A Journey to Begin. In case you missed it, here is the Dev Update #1.

The focus of the last few weeks was on creating more puzzles.
I use Twine to help me with that. Twine is a great and versatile open-source tool if you ask me. Even though it is meant to make complex text adventure games with branching narratives, I just love to use it for planing my games. Here you can see a part of it, representing the flow of different puzzles:

Animation Pipeline

Another big change was the animation…

I wanted to start posting more regular updates about the state of the game. So here is the Dev Update #1.

About the game

First, let me give you a quick overview, what I planned for this game:

  • One seamless connected fantasy world where time got frozen (only for humanoid beings though)
  • A storyline, that guides the player through the world
  • 8 different themed environments filled with different races and characters
  • Unique puzzles to be solved in order to progress through the game
  • To solve the puzzles you have to possess humans, orcs, monsters, skeletons even animals and use their individual skills

Here you will find some basic Firestore Security Rules Recipes. In particular, I try to cover some basic and useful code snippets and explanations, which should help to secure your Cloud Firestore Database.

First, you should keep in mind, that Firebase checks for the first allow, that is set to true. So, best practice is to give access where access is needed:

service cloud.firestore { match /databases/{database}/documents { // here will be your rules // that grant access to specific documents of collections } }

Write and Read

With read and write you can handle the basic actions. Consider the following code:


In this Flutter Navigation Tutorial, we want to have a look at how navigation is done in Flutter. We want to make a small application, where we can navigate from one screen to another. Also, we have a look at how to pass data between the different screens.

Flutter BottomNavigationBar Tutorial

In this very short Flutter BottomNavigationBar Tutorial we will have a look at how to implement a BottomNavigationBar with three tabs.

Godot Tips and Best Practice

Here are some of my best Godot tips, that I think you should at least give a thought. Surely, all Godot tips listed here may not always work out for you. Or maybe the better solution to a given problem is to not use them. But in general, I did find them very useful. Keep in mind that everything on this site is just my preference. And it is totally fine if you do it your own way.

Tips when structuring your game

The more you think about and plan the structure of your game in advance, the lesser the chance, that you have to…

How to Handle Input in Godot

There are not many things more essential to a video game, than the user input. In fact, it is what differentiates video games from any other medium. So obviously, input plays a major role in game development. Now in this post, I want to talk about the different ways, in which you can handle input in Godot. Also, we want to take a look at the different input methods too. So, essentially there are two main ways to handle input: Either you will handle the input inside the _process(delta) method, or you handle the input event inside the _input(event) method…

Free Time Dev

In my spare time I work on Timeless Adventure — a fantasy adventure game

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